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About Me

Welcome to my little piece of the internet. You’ll more than often find me tweeting away as @barryfurby, but feel free to get in touch on email at me@barryfurby.co.uk

I use this blog a a front page for my personal and professional profile, so you’ll find a bit about me, some of the work I’ve done, sounding a mixture of personal and professional opinion and sharing stories and photos of things that I’ve experienced.

On the professional side of thing, I’m a (not so) young entrepreneurial, intelligent, self motivated, strategic professional within the Digital Marketing, Social Media and eCommerce industry, with a real passion for creating profitable strategic partnerships, building community, working with emerging technology and with businesses ahead of the trend.

At 30 years old I’ve setup and run two businesses. Fresh Resources, a Digital and Social Media consultancy for 3 years, and Passion Motorsport, a red letter day style Driving Experience and Race Experience business. More recently in the ’employed’ world, I’ve held roles with market leading SaaS companies where my role was to provide strategic consultancy to global Enterprise brands both for Social Media and eCommerce strategy.

For my own businesses and for consultancy with clients, I believe in customer centricity, building businesses that blend perfectly with the community they’re part of, and advising global brands how their customers can become their biggest assets – feeding product development, fine tuning service delivery, contributing their best marketing content and ultimately becoming the voice for which future customers are influenced by as they’re leading to the point of purchase.

Away from the world of business, I’m father to two amazing boys (Louis 3, Oscar 5), a passionate cyclist and fast becoming fitness enthusiast. I’ve completed ToughMudder twice, Cycled London to Paris with techbikers twice and will soon be completing my first Triathlon. I love to travel, read for professional development and cook (although my interest isn’t matched by talent on this one…!).

Feel free to get in touch:
e: me@barryfurby.co.uk
m: 07833196336
l: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/barryfurby